AMP Plugin 0.4 Available

AMP Plugin Project

The biggest updates in the new version are:

– A refreshed template
– The AMP Customizer

There are, of course, lots of bug fixes (e.g. support for inline styles, tel URLs) and better handling of validation errors as well. Thank you to everyone who reported issues and submitted code/fixes.

With the refreshed template, you can now control some of the colours of your AMP output directly from the AMP Customizer (From the Dashboard, goto Appearance > AMP). The Customizer can also be extended to support other options.

The update did require us to make some potentially breaking markup changes to the template. If you have not made any changes to the existing template or are using a completely custom template, you’re fine.

However, if you’ve tweaked a few things like styles or template parts (or are using other plugins like Yoast Glue, PageFrog, or AMP Toolbox), you should revert…

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